Adult Canker before plastic surgery and weight loss.

Canker's Final Look

Canker's appearance today

Canker Da Shcil was like born to a random furry bish who was molested by some random furry in the country Niger or something. He was raised a Jehovah's witness and was a well-behaved kid, dawg. He liked singing and dancing, yo. Know what I'm sayin? One day he met a Weenee, and it tried like turning him into a ring, but Canker survived or whatever and gained chocolate powers, yo! He used his omazing powers to get revenge on the Weenees for some arbitrary reason, and since he ate all the chocolate, he got fat or something and his teeth got all messed up and stuff. Ya.

Puberty was weird and junk for Canker. He was all like "Whoa! I got boobs!" and like noticed he had a dick and a cunt. He grew up to be a pervert and molested anyone he wanted, homie. Then he met another sexual predator, Razz. They molested eachother and fell in love and junk, brah. It's like fried chicken watermelon, yo!

Why Canker was madeEdit

Ok. It all started as an attempt to make a (more effective) replacement for Bootleg Mario to make Weenee fans angwy. Why? Idunno. They had it coming I guess. Also the creator of Bootleg Mario became inactive or something, leaving a smooth criminal of a furry to handle things. He decided to start fresh and make Bootleg's successor a rip-off of Conker from Conker's Bad Fur Day. Why Conker? Because there were no Weenees made of him, and the nature of the game he's from made him perfect, so ya.

Powers Edit

Chocolate Touch: Turns anyone into chocolate and eats them.

Gallery Edit

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