Fatran (Failure) McDiabeetus is some 69 year old fat idiot from a game that nobody cares about. He was later turned into chocolate and killed by Canker Dur Shcil. In his later years he became a nudist to please Weegee fans with his PUSH START TO SUCK IT move.


Ragamiicho - His dead brother that nobody cares about Malleo - Gay son Weegee - Bastard son


Pretty much anyone who isn't a fat homosexual or a Weegee fan

Signature PowersEdit

  • PUSH START TO RAN RAN RU - Causes the victim to to get fat from cheeseburgers and die.
  • Shitting rainbows in his sons mouths while he violently molests them
  • Taking the biggest shit ever in existance and the crap beats the PISS out of the piss with an ear.

Minor powersEdit

Who cares?

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