Shupa Malleo by theMarioBrother-1- (1)

A Macho Man

The New Malleo

A rare picture of Malleo wearing his "Koopa" killing uniform

"IM SO KEWL" ~Malleo the macho man

Malleo (A.K.A. a macho man) is the brother of Weenee, and the son of Fatass. He was later killed and turned into chocolate by a secksy squirrel named Canker Dur Shcil, later he came back as a big poopy but was once again turned into chocolate and eaten by Canker.

Previous formsEdit

  • Malleo 1.0 Some gay game's Mario Character
  • Malleo 2.0 Overrated Nazi trash
  • Malleo 3.0 A homosexual man that loves his fans (which includes you)
  • Malleo 4.0 He become big poopy :33333
  • Malleo 5.0 Old shit
  • Malleo 6.0 The big mighty Poo
  • Malleo 7.0 Koopa Killing Kidz (Get it?)

Yeah, whatever... We really don't care at all about this Malleo evolution chain, it's hella silly.


Located in his crotch is a Fireflower and well, you suck it and he turns you into a flaming homosexual or something, idk.


  • The fad is over, go home.
  • Michael Jackson is better than him.
  • Stop being obsessed with "TMB"s old junk he made as a teen and actually give his new stuff a try move on with your life because all of his new stuff is just pretty much transgender bubsy fetish shit. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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