Shupa Malleo by theMarioBrother-1- (1)

According to his Bubsy hating creator, he looks like this

"IM SO KEWL" ~Malleo the macho man

Malleo (A.K.A. a macho man) is the supposed brother of the rather overrated Weegee and the son of a programming language of all things. He was later killed and eaten by a living napkin doodle of a beloved video game character. Much like with Barney, Elmo or any horror character, he is beloved solely by toddlers and twisted wierdos.


Over the coarse of 2008 to 2016, there have been many official reboots of Malleo in hopes of keeping him relevant and hip with the ever-changing times.

  • Malleo 1.0 - Crudely drawn Mario from a game that wishes it was Hotel Mario.
  • Malleo 2.0 - An attempt at being edgy and using racism, mind you it was 2009 and nobody knew any better.
  • Malleo 3.0 - Another attempt at being edgy by satirizing those who were diagnosed with Gay
  • Malleo 4.0 - A parody of The Great Mighty Poo, one of the greatest and most inspirational characters in gaming.
  • Malleo 5.0 - Another attempt at satirizing those diagnosed with Gay because batman, also zoophilia
  • Malleo 6.0 - The same thing as Malleo 4.0
  • Malleo "7.0" - Literally just a Mario sprite with a triangle for a head, it was around this time when they ran out of ideas for rebooting this otherwise beloved icon.

Legend has it that the next one will be drawn in that typical CalARTS style that nobody likes and will have twerking involved because that's what the corporation thinks kids like.


Touching his groin will diagnose you with dead, so don't do that.


  • The fad is over, go home.
  • Michael Jackson is better than him.
  • Stop being obsessed with "TMB"s old junk he made as a teen and move on with your life.