Razz's typical appearance

Razz was born in a log cabin. Her parents never really knew what was wrong with her, but she was all retarded and shit in the head and ya. She always yelled at them. Her parents were scared of her. Then when Razz was old enough, she molested her dad and junk. He like had a heart attack and went kaboom! Then she called her mom a gay lord and ran away from home. She was then adopted by a crippled guy in a purple suit, homie. Know what I'm sayin? I think you do, dawg.  

When Razz was all grown up, she suffocated her daddy with her massive tits and then he went kaboom! She went to a place or whatever to find people to molest and junk, when she met Canker. They molested each other and like fell in love and junk yo, Grape kool-aid, homie!


The marshmallow gaze - turning anything into a marshmallow by staring at it

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