[This page is being kept up and unmodified for being completely hilarious. These rules no longer apply.]

These are the rules of Td3. These rules must be followed at all costs. A violation will first result in a week ban, then a month ban, and finally an infinite block unless otherwise notified. Also if you are a extremely big violator, Td3eegee will track you down and destroy you. If you survive your destruction, then your account will be seized and you will be tracked down and you will get killed or at least thrown into a pit of fire flowers. If you want to select the flowers. for the pit, vote here. Have a nice day!

  1. Follow the rules.
  2. Never put anything against Td3. If you do, then you will be banned.
  3. Obey Td3alleo.
  4. Don't spam any pages.
  5. Don't vandalize this wiki.
  6. You have to be 13 or above AND a villain to join this wiki. Otherwise, if you are under the age or hero instead of a villain, you WILL be banned forever.*@
  7. No trolling this wikia.
  8. No curses or adult content.
  9. No sock puppetry.
  10. No pornography.
  11. You may only have two alternative accounts. You must request for a third and it only can be requested if it is for a good reason.*
  12. No top ten lists unless you have permission from an admin, and just as the same as pages, use proper grammar.@
  13. Add categories to all of your pages. But no categories like "User:Default's Weegees" or "User:Default's Creations."*@
  14. Do not start a civil dispute over something completely pointless.
  15. In order to fully enjoy our content, you must have a decent or high level of maturity.
  16. Please take note of disclaimers. Some articles/categories (certain groups) say they are disbanded, and some even say no new members will be accepted, or some say "Villains Only". If this is the case, then do not make new members for it, plain and simple.
  17. No edit mining or farming.
  18. Spingebill isn't allowed here because of his spam, trolling, and vandalism.

*= Only admins and bureaucrats can break these rules, IF you have a decent or high level of maturity.

@=Only moderators, chat moderators, and rollbacks can break these rules, IF you have a decent or high level of maturity.